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A Legacy with Craft Sense

A legacy with a sense of craftsmanship

Passion for weaving is creating art, summarizes the essence of Watay

Watay in Quechua means "to tie", "to unite", "to knot". We unite your desires, your expectations, your emotions to our passion for weaving.

Watay tells how we interpret the tradition of our people and what is the result of each work we do. Years of inspiration and exploration in the trade, lead us to create unique and unforgettable decorative pieces that become authentic works of art.

Watay at Expoartesanías

Our history, our legacy since 1995

Years of inspiration and exploration in the trade, lead us to create decorative, unique and unforgettable pieces that become true works of art.

100% Colombian designs

Colombian artisans and masters give their knowledge and skill when making decorative elements. For this we assume each project as unique, a task that demands a deep conceptual development, achieving the best response in each of the stages of the process.

Mission What are we here for?

We are a Colombian textile workshop and we are here to continue a family legacy through the development of textile pieces with a high component of design through artisan techniques, using mostly natural materials in the development of these. We work side by side with producers, farmers and artisans from different parts of Colombia, who provide us with 80% of our raw materials to offer an authentic handmade piece.


We have a commitment with our artisans and farmers, to generate the highest possible rotation of our pieces and thus be able to generate more work, production of raw materials and contribute to their economic development.


We have a social commitment and that is to provide opportunities to learn the craft of weaving and develop 60% of our staff in this work to generate pieces of high added value.


We have a commitment to our customers and is to provide textile pieces with a high component of design with good quality at fair prices to achieve complete satisfaction by them.


Our works are part of exclusive decoration and design projects in the national and international framework.

Vision Where are we going?

“In Watay we want to reach more and more homes and design projects with our pieces both in Colombia and in the world, offering innovation and development in raw materials and designs, giving reason to the authenticity that our customers are looking for.

Our partners

Our pieces are found in different places around the world. Work that we have done in conjunction with different hotel chains as:

Our partners

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